Say No To Racism

Why Racism?

At present, no doubt race is still a major issue now. No need to look at other countries, in our own country there is still practicing racism. Why? Does your race is superior than other races?

Indeed, God is Just. Every man, no matter what race, color, origin of the lineage, there must be advantages and disadvantages of each.

Let us look at racial issues from the view of Islam. Islam is the pre-Islamic era, which at the time when it practiced racial society is quite fierce. The battle between the Byzantines and the state government in the north of Babylon was also partly due to racism.

The arrival of the Prophet Muhammad brought the message to eliminate the problem of racism. Sure there are Muslimin and Muslimat know and be acquainted with Bilal bin Rabah, a black slave and looked down upon by the Arabs at that time? Why Prophet Muhammad lifted him from the slave to the muazzin at the time?

This was followed by the Caliph Umar al-Khattab. His consent to the local population who are Christians living in Al Quds. Not only that, he recalled the Jews to settle in the holy city, which was driven out by the government of Rome and Persia before Islam appeared.

This reminds me of our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Al Haj. He tried hard to eliminate these racial issues during the early years of Malaya. And he was almost success. Have we ever wondered why the incident occurred May 13? Who is the mastermind behind the event?

If we see here, the issue of racism is not applicable in modern times now, but there has been a long time again. How Prophet Muhammad successfully completed the racism problem in his time? Why not now? Why do not we take the history of Islam as a guide to solve this problem? Where is the wisdom of the world leaders who really want to see these issues can be controlled?

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Together we say: No to Racism.

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